What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag!? Brushes Edit

Hello world!

This August, I am going to Canada for a week!  How exciting (yaaas)!  I wanted to show you guys and gals all the bits and pieces I have concerning makeup.  This entry seems fit since this is a beauty blog, of course!  So, I’m going to break it down by category (i.e. brushes, bases, eyes, and lips) and give you a mini review of each product; however, I’m going to split this up by category or else this would be a massive entry and take forrrrr-ehhh-vuur to read.  Heh!  I’m going to post a picture along with every entry– don’t worry, gal!  Here we go!

P.S. I do have some recommendations for higher or lower end items depending on your budget. You know I gotchu! (:

For bases

1. Real Techniques Buffing Brush: one of the best brushes I have for applying foundation (this comes in second after the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki, which would be the higher end alternative).  I’m bringing this brush because it does the job, no biggie.

2. Real Techniques Powder Brush: this brush does not shed; however, it does move my foundation quite a bit.  Any suggestions on a good, large powder brush that does not shed one bit?  I’ve been meaning to try the Rae Morris brush 22 powder brush, but it’s a steeping… wait for it… $83 USD (https://www.beautylish.com/s/rae-morris-brush-22-pro-powder).  Yeah, it’s still in my cart *sighs heavily*

3. Clinique Blush Brush: soft, yet it sheds quite often.  I find myself picking off the little hairs stuck to my face more often than I wish, but not so much that it drives me bonkers.  It’s more affordable than big brand names, but an alternative would be the Morphe M105 brush <— that brush sheds too, but a fraction of the price!  It has quite a small brush head, so it fits nicely on the apples of the checks.

4. e.l.f. Small Tapered Brush: in my opinion, this is the best brush to apply highlighters and set underneath the eyes since it’s quite small and comes to a tapered point.  The best part about this brush is the price point… $3 USD!  I still can’t believe that.  It’s such a steal, feels quite soft, and never over does the highlighter application.  I don’t know if I would call it my “holy grail” brush, but it’s creeping up there.  I can’t seem to find a higher end alternative, but it’s more like I don’t want to search for one.  Sue me.

For eyes

5.  Real techniques Base Shadow Brush: I use this for more of an all over the lid application and for minimal blending eyeshadows (eyeshadows that are so buttery, they blend themselves *cough cough* Lorac eyeshadows).  This brush is similar to the MAC 217, but the brush head it’s a tad bit smaller.

6. Sigma F40 Tapered Blending Brush:  typical blending brush for softer edges.  This one is also a staple, “no biggie” kind of brush, though it blends eyeshadows like a dream.  I cannot find a cheaper alternative for this brush, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

7. Make Up For Ever 250 straight brush: this is another typical straight eyeliner brush that every beauty enthusiast has.  I love this brush to create a subtle winged line that I cannot create with a liquid felt-tip liner.  I have not found an alternative for this one, but I’ve been meaning to try   the Sigma E11 eye liner brush (http://www.sigmabeauty.com/e11-eye-liner/p/E11PARNT).  I do like the handle on the MUFE liner brush because it’s wooden… I’m a sucker for pretty brush handles.

I hope this entry wasn’t too long and easy to read!  I hope you guys enjoyed this read and I’ll speak to you all very soon! x

With lots of love,



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