What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag!? Lippie Edit

Hello world!

A few things to cover before starting this entry:

  1. I’ve been gone for a week and I sincerely apologize.  As some of you may know, I  work in a research lab and I’ve been extremely busy.  I am currently preparing a talk about my project.  I’m almost finished with it, so I’ll be posting on my stated schedule!
  2. I will get all the pictures posted of all the products mentioned.  I finally have a cute table, so I can use it as a background.
  3. Next week, I’ll be posting a haul video on all the makeup bits I’ve been buying and trying!
  4. I’ll soon post a July Favorites entry! Woo!

Now, on to lippies!  I may have an excessive amount of lip products… heh!  I have a few drugstore and high-end products, so bare with me.  I’m only really bringing two lip color options (pink or red), but I have different products in those shades.  I’ll break this down to lip liners and lipsticks, so let’s get started!

Lip liners:

  1. Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color lip liner in the color Eastend Snob: this is a cool-toned lip liner used for more “everyday” looks.  I’m bringing this liner because it lasts for quite a while and is nicely paired with either a lip balm or a lipstick.  It’s not my go-to lip liner because I’m partial to warmer pink lip colors, but since it’s a cool-toned liner, it opens up my options.
  2. Marc Jacobs (P)outliner Longwear Lip Pencil in the shade Prim(Rose): this is my all-time favorite lip liner because of the color.  It’s a “my lip color, but better” kind of shade.  It’s a warm-toned pink shade and just like the name would suggest, it has a rosy flush of color.  I guess I would call this my perfect everyday shade, but the price-point is a little high… $24 USD.
  3. NYX Lip Liner in the shade Auburn: I love this color for more of a red lip kind of day.  It’s a deepend red shade, yet it’s creamy enough to blend and create a soft stain on the lips.  Whenever I want a bold red lip, I’ll use this liner and call it a day… or night *wink*.


  1. Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color in the shade Bare Lips: when I first became an avid makeup collector, this was my first high-end lipstick I ever bought.  It’s also a “my lip color, but better” kind of shade and pairs well with my Marc Jacobs liner (probably my favorite lip combo ehh-vuuur).  It’s perfect for the no make-up make-up look because it’s a bit on the warmer, rosy side, which suits so many skin tones.  Give it a whirl!
  2. Rimmel Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Black Cherry: this lip color is sold out in every drugstore imaginable for a reason.  To me, this is the perfect fall/winter shade, girls’ night out, or even an everyday red shade.  It’s super versatile and blendable, so it can be sheered out or built up to a bold lip.  It’s almost as if this lipstick is a 3-in-1 shade and pairs well with the NYX liner stated above.  This is a must have beauty item!  I don’t often say “must have” on products because makeup is subjective, but this lipstick is not very expensive and it’s versatile, so buyyyy ittt (:

So those are my top lippie picks!  Let me know if you guys have any suggestions on products or future posts!  I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and I’ll speak to you all very soon! x

With lots of love,



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