Why I Believe it is Perfectly Okay for Everyone to Wear Makeup (bonus entry)

Hello world!

So, this entry won’t necessarily be a “rant”, but more of a “love yoself no matter what anyone says” post.  Disclaimer: if you don’t agree with me, I respect your opinion wholeheartedly, but please don’t be mean.  My intention is to never hurt anyone and if I offend anyone at all, I genuinely apologize.  Let’s see what I have in store!

I recently went to my local Target because I wanted to purchase a few makeup-y bits.  While shopping, I saw a woman with what looked like her son and daughter near the makeup aisles.  I thought to myself, “How cute!  They’re totally spending quality time with their mother just like my sister and I did when we were younger. Plus, there’s no electronic device in sight, which is amazing on the mother’s part!”  I overheard the little girl saying she wanted to see all the pretty colors (I was thinking she wanted to go through the makeup aisles and see all the makeup, which my guess was right).  I overheard her mother say, “Makeup is bad because it’s only for girls who don’t feel pretty and who are not confident.”  That statement hit me like a silent train going 300 miles an hour.  I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to intervene and create a scene… especially at Target.

Reasons why I don’t agree with that statement:

  1. Makeup is for everyone and not “just for women.”  I believe it is perfectly okay for both men and women to wear makeup.  If my son and/or daughter (not that I have children) wanted to wear makeup, I would wholeheartedly support their dreams and be there with them the whole way.
  2. In my opinion, those who wear makeup are the fiercest and most confident people because makeup is art and showcasing your work takes a lot of confidence.
  3. When I battled with cystic acne, I did not wear makeup.  A wise woman once told me, “When your confidence is low, walk around like you are a walking Chanel ad.  That will get you everywhere.”  Also, my beautiful friend Marian once said, “If someone doesn’t like you because of your face, they don’t deserve to be in your life anyway.”  To me, those are very true words because if someone is going to negatively impact your life, why let them do it at all?
  4. To me, makeup is not “only” for those who feel insecure or don’t have any confidence because everyone has insecurities (I can’t name one person who doesn’t have any insecurities) and we all go through those days where we don’t feel our most confident.  So why does it matter if someone wears makeup?
  5. Opposite to popular belief, women and men don’t wear makeup to please/attract other people (unless that is someone’s occupation i.e. actors/actresses).  Never in my head do I think, “I wear makeup because I want men to find me more attractive and  I want more attention.”  NO, THAT IS NOT TRUE.  I wear makeup because it is therapeutic for me to put it on and take it off.  I wear makeup because I want to and because I put it on for me and no one else.
  6. Lastly, people are beautiful, handsome, intelligent, wonderful, kind, compassionate, ambitious, and all of the positive adjectives in between with or without makeup.  YOU DO YOU and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Always remember: you are human, other people are human, we all have feelings, we’re never “perfect.”  Learn to love, accept, and be kinder to yourself because that’s where the confidence grows.  Trust me.

I love you all equally and spread love (: ❤